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Writing an Expository Essay (notes)


Quizlet Vocabulary Lists for 2017-18




Tone and Mood word lists


Paris High School College and Career Counseling Website

This site provides information and links for college and career readiness. Viewers will find useful information whether they plan on going to college or moving straight to the world of work after high school graduation.

Paragraph Writing Using POW! Tide


Schoology Online Classroom

Access our online classroom, complete with assignments/bell ringers, vocabulary links and tests.

Quizlet Flashcards and Vocabulary Games

Access to my Quizlet classroom for vocbulary lists.

Interactive Literature Link to "The Miracle Worker" Act 2

Characterization. Characterization is the act of creating or describing a character.

Suspense. Suspense is a feeling of anxiousness or curiosity. Writers create suspense by raising questions in the reader’s mind and by using details that create strong emotions.

Stage Directions. Stage directions are notes included in a play to describe how something should look, sound, or be performed.

Flashback. A flashback is a part of a story, poem, or play that presents events that happened at an earlier time.

Conflict and Resolution. A conflict is a struggle between two people or things in a literary work. Resolution is the point at which the central conflict ends.

Simile and Metaphor. A simile is a comparison using likeor as. A metaphor is a figure of speech in which one thing is spoken or written about as if it were another. These figures of speech invite the reader to make a comparison between the two things.

Determining Theme and Genre

Theme and Genre lesson.

Denotation and Connotation

Denotation and connotation notes.

Point of view

Notes about point of view in literature.

Non-Linear Storytelling

Non-linear plot notes.


Listen to or read books online.

Literary Terms






Me, Myself and I

Lesson on when to use these pronouns (and why).

How to Use a Semicolon

Many people struggle with understanding when to use a semicolon. If you are one of these folks, try this interactive lesson!

Commas are tricky things...

Interactive lesson on commas.

What is Verbal Irony?


Dramatic Irony Interactive Lesson


Situational Irony Interactive Lesson


The Art of the Metaphor Interactive Lesson


Do "Good" and "Bad" Say Enough?


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