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Welcome to the world of literature and language! 


I am thrilled to have you/your child in my class this year. Growing up I was always fascinated by reading and writing. My mom tells me I would sit random objects on the floor of my room (they were my students, of course) and I would read out loud to them for hours. While English was the subject that came easiest to me in school, without a doubt because I was passionate about it, I realize this is not the circumstance for every child; however, what I do know is that every child has a talent, an area of life in which he or she naturally excels, and I plan to channel those interests in each of my students. 


Reading can be complicated and writing even more so, but it is both my responsibility and my desire to make English an enjoyable subject for you/your child. We are going to have tests and essay assignments in my class, but we are going to have FUN and excitement and creativity all the while. 


I hope you are as excited about this year as I am. We are going to have a great time together!


- Mrs. Abbott