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This course will allow the student an opportunity to explore the United


AP US Government and Politics



AP US Government is a yearlong course that is equivalent to a one semester introductory course in U.S. Government and Politics.  This course incorporates:  1.  Studying general concepts used to interpret US politics  2.  Understanding the various institutions, groups, beliefs, and ideas that form US government and politics  3.  Analyzing primary documents and Supreme Court cases

This course is the study of US national government’s policies, institutions, and foundations.  The focus will be on the Constitution, federalism, civil liberties, civil rights, voting, the media, political parties and groups, public opinion, Congress, the Presidency, the federal bureaucracy, and the courts.

Course Organization

Unit 1 – Constitution Foundations (Ch. 1-5)

Unit 2 – People and Politics (Ch. 6-10)

Unit 3 – The Policymakers (Ch. 11-15)

Unit 4 – Policies (Ch. 16-18)

Grading Policy

You will be responsible for the course work covered this year.  There will be in class assignments, homework, tests, and semester exams.  You will be responsible for any makeup work if you are absent from class.  Please check the campus and district websites for grading policies. The AP test is scheduled for May 3, 2021. 

AP Test

The test consists of 2 parts – multiple choice and free response questions (FRQ’s)

  1. Multiple choice questions – 55 questions (80 minutes).  Consists of text, data, graphs, maps, and political cartoons.
  2. Free response questions – 4 questions (100 minutes).
    1. 1st question – Political Scenario (3 points)
    2. 2nd question – Analytical data (4 points)
    3. 3rd question – SCOTUS (4 points)
    4. 4th question – Argument (6 points) This question will need to be a will organized essay with a defensible claim

Required Reading

Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, The Constitution, Federalist Papers #10, #51, #70, and #78, Brutus I, and Letter From Birmingham Jail

Required Court Cases

  1. Marbury v. Madison
  2. McCullough v. Maryland
  3. Schenck v. U.S.
  4. Brown v. School Board
  5. Baker v. Carr
  6. Engel v. Vitale
  7. Giddeon v. Wainwright
  8. Tinker v. Des Moines
  9. NY Times v. U.S.
  10. Wisconsin v. Yoder
  11. Roe v. Wade
  12. Shaw v. Reno
  13. U.S. v. Lopez
  14. McDonald v. Chicago
  15. Citizens United v. FEC


3 to 5 subject spiral notebook



black ink pens




US History


This class will cover events in US history from Reconstruction to the present.  It will focus on people, places, and events that shape our society today.

Course Outline

Topic 1 – Industry and Immigrants

Topic 2 – Challenges in the Late 1800’s

Topic 3 – America Comes of Age

Topic 4 – World War I and the 19020’s

Topic 5 – The Great Depression and the New Deal

Topic 6 – World War II

Topic 7 – Postwar America

Topic 8 – Civil Rights and Reform in the 1960’s

Topic 9 – The Vietnam War Era

Topic 10 – An Era of Change

Topic 11 – America in the 1980’s and 1990’s

Topic 12 – America in the Twenty First Century

Grading Policy

This class will consist of class assignments, tests, semester exams, and a STAAR test.  Please review the campus and district grading policies.  You will be responsible for any makeup work if you are absent.


3 to 5 subject spiral notebook



Hand Sanitizer