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Katelyn Peek

Health Science Teacher

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Year 2020 will be my first year in the education field. I will be teaching Health Science Theory and Medical Terminology. I have been a nurse for 6 years. My main focus has been in the pediatric practice, however I have worked in mental health and geriatric as well. Nursing is my absolute passion. I love learning something new every day and implenting new and improved methods to improve patient care. I am SO excited to educated a new generation of future health care professionals  : )

Family Information:

I have been married to my husband, Arron Peek for 7 years.

We have two boys. Grainger (10) who goes to Crockett and Alton (3) who will join the Wildcat family once he is 4  : )

I have one dog who should be considered my 3rd child. Her name is “Piddles” and she is a Boston Terrier.

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Some of my hobbies include running, drinking coffee (at all hours of the day), spending time with my family and friends. My boys enjoy soccer and the outdoors and occupy most of my free time.


Katelyn Peek

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