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Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

A.     Rules

B.     Tutorials

C.     Grades

D.     Make-Up Work

E.     Grading Policy

F.     Homework and Lesson Plans

G.    Grading of Homework

A. Rules:

1.     Be in class and in your seat on time.

2.     Bring all necessary materials to class.

3.     Be familiar with classroom procedures.

4.     Respect others

5.     Communicate in Spanish-levels III and IV

B. Tutorials:

Students are encouraged to come in for extra help during the tutorial period.

C. Grades:

Grades are frequently recorded on the weekends. Please check grades at least once a week. I do not discuss individual grades during class time.  If you have a question about a grade, ask me about it during tutorials.

Tests are shown to the students as soon as all students have taken the test and the concepts are re-taught if necessary.

D. Makeup work:

Students need to make a copy of the weekly lesson plans from the website. All assignments are to be turned in the next day unless stated otherwise.  Students are to keep a checklist of all assignments completed.

If you are going to be absent the next class day, please tell me before or after class not during class.

Make-up work will NOT be done during my class, NOR will we discuss what you have missed.  The tutorial period is the only time that we will discuss your make-up work. It is not fair to the other 19 students- to take up their class time discussing one student's make up work.

Do not stop me from teaching the class to discuss your make-up work.

E. Grading Policy:

Grading Policy for Spanish III Pre-AP/DC

Vocabulary tests count as one test grade

Grammar quizzes count as one test grade

A grammar unit test counts as two test grades.

Chapter tests count as two test grades.

The test average is made up of the grade from the vocabulary tests, grammar quizzes, and unit tests.

Participation points are given for speaking Spanish in the classroom-the points are added as a daily and a test grade.

Not speaking at all in class in Spanish will result in a low participation grade.

On vocabulary, test-words must be spelled correctly with accents and articles.

On a grammar test- verbs must be spelled correctly with accents

Late grades are for a maximum grade of a 70- All late work must be turned in by the Friday of the week the assignment was due.

No grades are dropped

No re-takes are given

Daily grades = 25% of the nine-week grade

Test grades   =75% of the nine-week grade


F. Homework and Lesson Plans

Homework and tests are always posted on the lesson plan.  New lesson plans are on the web by Friday. The lesson plan is always posted on the board for the week and written on the board daily.  There is no reason a student should not be aware of a homework assignment or a test.

Guide for reading the lesson plan:

Libro-is the textbook

Lt. -is the workbook (Libro de tarea)

Prueba-is a quiz

Examen -is an exam

Repaso-is the large workbook




Cultura-culture notes


Español IV.

UVM- Una Vez Más
CE-correo electrónico
Con- conversación

G. Grading Methods

Homework is graded many different ways:

  1. Teacher may check homework
  2. Student may grade his own work
  3. Students may exchange papers
  4. Spot check
  5. Grade of an "A" for completing assignment




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