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Hints for Verbs

Hints for Verbs


The Spanish language has three moods like English:

1.The Indicative Mood is like a newspaper reporter stating facts.

example- Mary jumped out the window.

2.The Imperative Mood is a command.

Mary, jump out the window. Subject is you understood.

3.The Subjunctive Mood  lets the reader know how he feels -about Mary jumping out the window.

I'm sad that Mary jumped out the window.


To learn the language- the student must memorize the three - four first letters of each verb and more than one meaning each verb has.

The mood, the tense, the person, and the number are determined by the last letters of the verb.

hablar- to talk, to speak

habl-o = I speak

habl-ó = he spoke

habl-a =he speaks


habl-e= speak


habl-aba = he was speaking


habl-ando= speaking


habl-ará = he will speak


habl-aría = he would speak


habl-ara = he speaks


ha habl-ado = he has spoken


había habl-ado = he had spoken


habrá habl-ado = he will have spoken


By recognizing the first 3-4 letters of the verb, the student can of comprehend the verb.