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Students make the grade!

  • Competitions logo
  • Newton's laws applied
  • We're ready to compete
  • Measuring blood spatter
  • Mrs. Andrews working in toxicology lab
  • Evidence tag
  • Drug analysis
  • Sorting bones
  • Super glue those fingerprints
  • A little blood spatter-Society of Forensic Science T-shirt
  • How is it possible to hide a painting on the ceiling behind another one?
  • Decisions, decisions, decisions!
  • Got it!
  • It will need to be exactly.....
  • Let's see. I'm going to need......
  • Next, I'll put this.....
  • This piece will be carefully placed here.
  • I need one more piece to complete this leg of my tower.
  • Now I have to calculate stress factors?
  • Ahhh, successful completion of another engineering project.
  • Progress can seem slow.
  • Wall being placed.
  • A house takes shape.
  • Trusses are almost complete.

Deborah Andrews

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