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Handbook of Forensic Services

Collecting and preserving evidence and descriptions of the forensic examinations performed by the FBI Laboratory, Quantico, VA.

Forensic Science Communications

Cipher systems to mitochondrial DNA forensic journal published quarterly.

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

FBI bulletin is published monthly.

Crime and Clues: The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation

Articles in various fields of forensic sciences written by experts.

Reddy's Forensic Page

Reddy P. Chamakura is a forensic scientist with the Police Laboratory, New York City Police Department

Forensic Science Historical Timeline

This work is copyright © of Norah Rudin and Keith Inman

all rights are reserved

Engineering Online Games

This website has engineering games online that are free to use.

Crime Scene Investigator Network

For those interested in learning the process of crime-scene investigation.

Engineer Your Life

Great site for young ladies interested in engineering to check out. I encourage you to look through the site as you consider engineering as an option. Wonderful information is listed for you to read and be inspired by.

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