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Mi ciudad






Mi Ciudad.




La Piedra del Peñol.



These are some pictures of my city Medellin, Colombia

where I grew up.

I came to the USA many years ago to

learn English and met my husband, and I have been here since then. I have been teaching High school and

college for many years. I enjoy working out and

working in my backyard. I have 2 sons, the oldest has an M.S.

in Biology, and he is actually working on a P.H. in Political Science, and the youngest has a B.S. in computer science

and Networking.

Estoy feliz de enseñar en la escuela de París, llevo nueve años aquí y me encanta.

Mis alumnos son todos muy simpáticos y les gusta trabajar mucho en mi clase.

Espero que disfruten mi clase tanto como yo disfruto enseñándola.