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Countdown to Spring Break

How many days till Spring break? Now you know. Do good in school and out till then so you can enjoy that week off.
Countdown to Spring Break  How many days till Spring break? Now you know. Do good in school and out till then so you can enjoy that week off.

Student Holidays in February

Students will have the day off from school for teacher staff development on: Friday, February 17 Monday, February 20

PHS News

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  • Thank you to each of you and your support of the future educators and TAFE members. Yesterday we competed at the Area 6 conference at UT Tyler. 

    Short story- they did AMAZING!

    For those who want to read beyond the Cliffs Notes version... here ya go:

    We competed in 24 events with 23 competitors (for those I told 20, I forgot about the ELF test they tested for pre-area). We are taking 13 projects to State.

    Qualifiers are as follows.

    State events 


    Project Visualize Leadership- Hailey Woodroof and DT Morgan

    Project Visualize Educational Awareness- Kaitlyn Arredondo and Kaylha Sanchez

    Portfolio- Madelyn Tullos

    Chapter Yearbook - Lizette Rodriguez, Destinee Gunn, Ashanti Hughes, and Zarriah Jackson


    Professional Development- Trey Smith, Sara Amos, and Jaylen Nelms 

    National Events 


    Project Visualize Service - Madelyn Tullos and Lindsey Holleman

    Elementary Bulletin Board - Katie de la Garza 


    Creative Lecture - Destinee Gunn

    Pre-k Children's Lit - Kobe Newberry

    Job Interview - Leilin Hamner

    Researching Learning Challenges - Lizette Rodriguez, Patricia Garnes, and Shawna Lindsey

    Exploring Support Service Careers - Lizette Rodriguez ( Thank you Ms. Munguia!!)

    Exploring Admin Careers - Ka'Mal Washington (thank you, Mrs, Dixon!!)

    Additionally, we had lower interest in officer positions as an area, but not at Paris High.  Therefore, we ran for 2 positions in the officer team, and Hailey Woodroof was selected as 22/23 Area President and Ka'Mal Washington was selected as 22/23 Historian!

    We had 4 first-time competitors who worked so hard and loved the process: Shambrisha Strange, Sa'niya Scales, Clifton Thomas, and Daniel Amus. Those who know Daniel know what a big deal it is for him to have competed at all, and he has been in my room every morning for tutorials for months working tirelessly. Special thanks to all of the SPED department who helped support our students with special needs in this process.

    Special thanks to our volunteer support: Nicole Heer, Aden Musgrove, Bernie Rodriguez Hernandez, and Elijah Turner.

    Also thanks to Bev for always helping with paperwork, and Mr. Tindel for letting me take all these kiddos all over the country, Mr, Vaughn for allowing us to do all these projects (especially the PD for teachers of the blind and visually impaired), Misty LeFlore, all the teachers who support (you know who you are!).


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