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Syllabus Pre Ap-2

Bienvenidos To Honors Spanish II

Señora Baroody, Room 2405


Telephone: 903-737-7400  Ext: 2577


Course Textbook:                                            Así se dice! 2              

Supplemental Resources:                                Workbook, video and audio activities.


Required materials:

  • Binder or 3 subject notebook to be used only for Spanish.  Make sure you keep all of your handouts in your notebook.

  • A pencil or pen.

  • Textbook – ¡Así se dice! 2

  • Workbook and Audio Activities ( Asi se Dice 2)

  • Spanish – English dictionary (optional)

  • Box of tissues

  • Four dry erase markers

  • Roll of paper towels


Classroom Policies and Rules:

Attendance:    In a foreign language course, it is imperative that students attend class on a regular basis.  Oral work missed is difficult to make up.  Punctuality is essential and materials must be brought to class each day

Homework:  Come to class prepared! You may not leave your class to go to your locker to retrieve homework or materials needed in class. Your homework must be organized and legible.    Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday night. You may view my web site to check for homework assignments.  

Make-up work: Is due according to PHS policy. Students are responsible for finding out the work that was missed during their absence.  Failure to follow this rule will result in a zero for each assignment missed.  

Test & Quizzes:   Vocabulary quizzes are randomly given.  At the end of each lesson there will be a quiz/test, which covers vocabulary and grammar.  There will also be a grade for oral presentation and listening skills.  

Grading: The student’s grade will be based on completion of assignments (homework/ class work), projects, quizzes, and tests.  Listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture will be evaluated.  

Honor Code:  Please obey the PHS Academic Honor Policy at all times. 

Behavior: Courteous and responsible behavior is to be observed at all times.  Students must show respect for teacher, peers, and classroom property.  It is school policy that no food or drink is allowed in the classroom unless it is a part of a cultural activity.