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Syllabus Spanish 2 honors

Bienvenidos To Honors Spanish II


Course Textbook:                                            Así se dice! 2              

Supplemental Resources:                                Workbook, video, and audio activities.


Dear students, parents, and guardians.

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. The following are the expectations and guidelines that should be followed throughout the school year in my honors Spanish classes. I am looking forward to a very successful and positive year. My conference period is from 9:15 to 10:05, please feel free to call me during this period; I will do my best to answer your questions.


Course Objectives:

Students will be acquainted with the basic tenants of Spanish as a written and spoken language.  As the year progresses, students will be gradually introduced to more advanced concepts in Spanish; additionally, students shall become familiar with Spanish culture and history.


What to expect in this class:

Students will be expected to interact with one another and participate in all class activities. Activities include games, oral presentations, take-home assignments, and group projects.


Student materials needed:

● One 3- a subject notebook with pocket dividers (dedicated solely to Spanish) or;

● One 3-ring binder (dedicated solely to Spanish). I will grade them at the end of every chapter.

● Notebook paper

● Pen or pencil

● Highlighters

● Box of Kleenex or tissue paper

● Dry erase markers

Discipline: Students must follow all District and School rules while at PHS. In addition, my class rules are as follows:

● Be respectful.

● Be responsible.

● Be prepared and participate.

● Cell phones/personal devices are allowed only for educational purposes. (See student handbook for details.)

MUST be on time.

The consequences of rule infractions include, but are not limited to:  lunch detention, seat change, parent contact, and/or an office referral.


Grading: All grading will carry the following weight for every nine weeks:

● Daily work 25%

● Tests/Speaking Spanish in Class 75%

Examples of daily work include: speaking Spanish in class, speeches, and writing activities, reading comprehension exams, and oral presentations. Students will have homework two to four times a week.

Vocabulary and grammar quizzes tests count as one test grade

Chapter tests count as two test grades.

The test average is made up of the grade from the vocabulary tests, grammar quizzes, and unit tests.

Participation points are given for speaking Spanish in the classroom-the points are added as a daily and a test grade.

Not speaking at all in class in Spanish will result in a low participation grade.

On vocabulary, test words must be spelled correctly with accents and articles.

On a grammar test- verbs must be spelled correctly with accents


Late Work: Work is due when the student arrives in class. Make-up work will NOT be done during my class, NOR will we discuss what you have missed.  The tutorial period, before or after school, is the only time that we will discuss your make-up work. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find your missing work.

Work turned in past its assigned due date will receive a Late grade for a maximum grade of 70.



Any student caught cheating on an exam or copying homework answers from another student will receive a 0 for that grade. Students may also be subject to an office referral.

I am looking forward to working with you to ensure that we have a successful year. Please contact me if you have any questions or need further information or assistance.

Mrs. Patricia Baroody

Spanish honors 2 and Spanish 3 dual credit.

Telephone: (903)737-7400 Ext: 2580 Conference Time: 9:15-10:05


The goal for this Spanish course 2312.790 is for my students to be able to engage in real-world communication, speak and write using correct grammatical forms and expanded vocabulary, understand and produce paragraphs and strings of paragraphs, and demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the Spanish Culture.