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The Gale databases include 21 different databases.  All include reference articles, magazine and newspaper articles, primary sources, and multimedia. Everything from testing, history, science, literature, ebooks and teacher references can be found in one of the many Gale databases.

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Databases include: 
Infobase eBooks
Science Online
World Geography & Culture

Encyclopedia Brittanica Online
Image that corresponds to Encyclopedia Brittanica Online

Encyclopedia Britannica Online offers three complete online encyclopedias with related Internet links and a multimedia collection. This resource includes access to an online dictionary, atlas, bibliographies, annotated timeline, Spotlight features, Learning Materials, and much more.

Britannica Spanish Edition
Image that corresponds to Britannica Spanish Edition

Britannica Spanish Edition is available using the same login information as Encyclopedia Britannica.

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  • Sports Champions
  • Greek & Roman Mythology
  • Shapers of Society
  • American History
  • World Biography
  • Biographies
  • Essential Information
  • Science