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Policies & Procedures

The goal of the Paris High School Library is to help all students become life-long learners by correlating and providing services, current technology, and resources to enhance classroom instruction. 

The mission of the Paris High School Library is to support and enhance the research, informational, reading, viewing, and instructional needs of the staff and students and to support the Paris Independent School District curriculum and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

The Library meets these needs by providing access to quality resources in a variety of formats and by providing instruction in information retrieval as well as critical appraisal and creative use of that information.

The Library strives to be the intellectual center of the high school linking the school community to an ever wider circle of literature, knowledge and information.

Hours of operation.

Daily - 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Admittance policy for students

Before School and Lunch - Students are encouraged to use the library before school and at lunch.  Students who use the library before school must stay in the library until the 8:30 bell.  Students who use the library during lunch must be in the library at least 10 minutes before the end of the lunch period.  They will not leave the library until the bell rings both before school and at lunch. From 8:00-8:30 is morning tutorial time for students in the library. 

During Class - Teachers may write passes for students to use the library at any time.  Students MUST have a pass from a teacher to visit the library during class.  

Loan policies

Students can check out three books for four weeks.  Reserve materials can be checked out by students for overnight use.   Students will check out books using their student ID. A student may purchase another student ID if they lose theirs for $3.00.

Staff members may check out books and other materials for length of need.

Class use of the library

The top priority of the library staff is working with students and teachers throughout the school day.  We can best serve students when teachers schedule class time in the library at least one week in advance.  There are two research areas in the library that may be reserved.

 Expectations are as follows:

  1. Teachers will plan assignments and/or units with the librarian in advance to ensure that students receive maximum benefit from time in the library. 
  2. Teachers will accompany classes to the library and they will remain in the library with their students.
  3. Students should have definite assignments to complete while in the library.
  4. The librarian will assist the teacher and students in every way possible.  This can include teaching information skills and use of materials and equipment necessary for the successful completion of assignments.


The library has 15 computers for student use as well as two stand-alone computers to search the library catalog.  All computers are loaded with Microsoft Office 2010 and other programs designed for research.  All computers are connected to a library printer.  All computers have Internet access. There is wireless access for laptops as well.

Requests for purchase

Teachers are encouraged to make requests for purchases to ensure that the library holdings meet the needs of the curriculum.  Requests for materials will be honored based on availability of funds and accessibility of requested materials.  If needed, catalogs are available in the library conference room.


Be aware of the Copyright Laws and how they affect teaching.  There are specific Copyright guidelines for using the Internet, video, print, software, and music in the classroom.  There are several books on copyright available in the library, and some great resources are available on the Internet.  The following website has some great information and links on copyright and fair use as well as help with teaching it.


Students who have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file will have access to the Internet when they login to the PHS network.  Students who access inappropriate sites or who misuse their Internet privilege will be disciplined according to the Paris ISD Discipline Management Plan and Student Code of Conduct.

Library Web Page

The library web page is the portal for research for our campus.  Students and teachers can access K-12 Databases, Gale databases, links for research projects, college information, documentation and copyright information as well as many other useful items.   

Online Catalog

Destiny Quest - Search library holdings from the Internet.

Print Resources

Our library has approximately 13,000 titles and over 20,000 volumes.  In addition, we subscribe to over 20 magazines.  Our goal is to have materials that support the curriculum of the school.   Feel free to come in and browse through our materials to find things useful for your students.  A list of magazines is included in this handbook.