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Jodi Andoe


At-Home Weekly Assignments For Andoe 

You may answer using google docs and email or share documents to or take a picture of your handwritten responses and text the images to my google voice number at  903-664-5061. Make sure to include your name and the assignment number on the pages.


Week 1

Writing Assignment - Why is social distancing important?

Week 2

Assignment 3- Past Meets Future

Imagine that a time machine has transported you back to an earlier civilization or historical era. Poking through your backpack, you discover some rope, a pocket knife, a roll of duct tape, and three modern technological devices. Where are you? What is the time period? What tech devices are in your backpack? Write a diary or journal entry about how you survive for 24 hours with the help of the items you have on hand.

Assignment 4 - Bedroom Sketch

Create a sketch of your bedroom or room where you are completing your assignments. Measure doors, windows, and walls using any measuring system you have access to, (use the length of your foot or hand if you don’t have access to anything else). Include those dimensions on your sketch. Label furniture locations but do not include dimensions for those.


Week 3

Assignment 5 - Techwear

Wearable technology, once the stuff of old spy movies, is rapidly moving into the 21st century. Today, consumers can buy wristbands that count steps and track sleep, athletic shoes that monitor fitness, watches that double as phones, and smart glasses that function as a computer or GPS. Imagine that you have invented an exciting new item of wearable technology. Write a persuasive essay (1 page)  in which you describe this item, explain what it does, and convince readers to buy it.

Assignment 6 - Communication 

Write a 200-word explanation. Do you think that people today are better or worse communicators with the use of phones and technology?


Week 4

Assignment 7 - Future Old-Tech

Write a one-page narrative essay over the following topic:

Looking back, people laugh at grown-ups because we used phones attached to walls with cords to make calls, we had to change the TV channel by turning a knob on the screen and we used paper maps to find where a new place was.  What will your child laugh at you for when it comes to the technology you use today?

Assignment 8 - 3D Printing Needs

'A worldwide hackathon': Hospitals turn to crowdsourcing and 3D printing amid equipment shortages. Write a report on how 3D printing and open-source programs are impacting the corona virus outbreak.


Week 5

Assignment 9 - Concept Map

Create a concept map (double bubble or Venn diagram ) - compare human workers to robots, including the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Assignment 10 - Writing Assignment

Write a one-page evaluation of how computers affected the manufacturing industry?


Week 6

Assignment #11

Imagine that television, movies, etc. were never invented. How would your family have spent the evening time when you were growing up? Do you feel as though this would have changed your family dynamic at all? Write a response to the questions above.

Assignment #12

This is your rant space. Take the time to rant about a new or old technology that has inconvenienced you in some way or that you feel has a negative impact on society. Go to town!