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Principles of Arts, A/V Tech and Communication Lesson Plans

An introductory class in the Design & Multimedia Arts pathway.

Week 1 Principles of AAVTC
Obj "We will ..." Review syllabus and course introduction
Task "I will ..." Contribute to setting class values, WYR posters, nameplates
Obj Discuss class procedures and expectations
Task Participate in breakout challenge
Week 2  
Obj Begin goal setting unit by identifying values and interests
Task Participate in surveys to determine influences on goals and dreams
Obj Present goal setting strategies
Task Identify two short-term goals
Obj Present SMART strategy for goal setting and discuss motivation
Task Determine two short-term goals using SMART
Obj Present long-term goal setting strategies along with procrastination strategies
Task Determine one long-term goal with objectives/steps
Obj Finalize three goals
Task Submit goals
Week 3  
Obj Develop a vision board representing goals and ambitions
Task Create a plan for images, words and motivational quote
Obj Present rubric and establish expectations for content
Task Select images and identify words and motivational quote for content
Obj Introduce Pixabay for copyright free images
Task Download images for vision board
Obj Create a vision board
Task Use Canva to design a vision board
Obj Produce a Vision Board with images and copy that represent goals in life
Task Submit vision board
Week 4  
Obj No School
Obj Introduce Elements of Art (Line, Shape/Form, Color, Value, Texture, Space)
Task Survey historical art pieces for application of the Elements of Art
Obj Examine Elements of Art
Task Groups will identify and present assigned element
Obj Review Elements of Art
Task Students will identify elements in their environment during a scavenger hunt
Obj Elements of Art Test
Week 5  
Obj Introduce graphic design and discuss history of graphic design
Task Understand how graphic design has developed since the printing press
Obj Investigate logo design
Task Recognize how logos create identity
Obj Identify parts of a logo and symbolism of shapes, colors, etc.
Task Draft a personal logo
Obj Introduce file management and document creation using Photoshop
Task Create and file a document using PS
Obj Introduce typography in PS
Task Add text to a PS document
Week 6  
Obj Introduce advertising design
Task Present parts of an ad and composition basics
Obj Examine advertising for composition
Task Identify parts of an ad and basic composition techniques of rule of thirds, leading lines, balance, repetition
Obj Develop understanding of marketing and branding through advertising
Task Discuss design thinking, message and audience
Obj Compare messages and audience in advertising
Task Evaluate ads for branding effectiveness
Obj Present advertising design project
Task List potential businesses for branding/ad design project
Week 7  
Obj Prepare a draft of an ad design
Task Identify two composition strategies and required characteristics of an ad
Obj Design an advertisement
Task Collect graphics, fonts, write slogan/headline and prepare Photoshop document
Obj Design an advertisement
Task Use Photoshop to design an ad
Obj Design an advertisement
Task Use Photoshop to design an ad
Obj Design an advertisement
Task Use Photoshop to design an ad and submit a draft copy
Week 8  
Obj Begin digital citizenship unit
Task List uses for media and evaluate "my digital life"
Obj Track media use
Task Determine appropriate and excessive uses of media
Obj Visualize media use and apps by usage
Task Create a digital footprint graphic
Obj Investigate how media uses data
Task Relate personal media use to consumer profiles
Obj Examine identity development via social media
Task Write a character profile based on published info and usage
Week 9  
Obj Apply copyright to media use
Task Investigate proper and improper uses of intellectual property and copyright
Obj Identify copyright key terms and sources for copyright free materials
Task Copyright quiz and group scenarios activity
Obj Introduce infographic project and research strategies like annotations
Task Select topic and search out sources related to topic
Obj Understand types of infographics
Task Establish criteria for infographic project and select a format on Canva
Obj Conduct research for infographic
Task Annotate information and document sources for infographic