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Digital Media Lesson Plans

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the principles of design and apply those in graphic design, photography and media production.


Week 1 Digital Media
Obj "We will ..." Review syllabus and course introduction
Task "I will ..." Contribute to setting class values, WYR posters, nameplates
Obj Discuss class procedures and expectations
Task Participate in breakout challenge
Week 2  
Obj Evaluate the role of creativity
Task Define creativity and rate ability and create a class manifesto
Obj Investigate the science of creativity
Task Participate in creativity-building exercises and discuss other 21st Century skills
Obj Present Creativity Takes Courage and Design Thinking
Task Compare DM to a core class
Obj Conduct a design thinking challenge
Task Work collaboratively to employ 21st century skills and design thinking
Obj Present design thinking challenge
Task Reflect on design thinking activity and first week of school
Week 3  
Obj Define visual communication and identify its various forms
Task Relate visual communication to media and its impact on Gen Z
Obj Introduce the Principles of Design as they relate to graphic design
Task Visualize principles in graphic designs like logos, advertising, print and digital communications
Obj Continue to connect principles of design with advertising
Task Practice identifying design principles in advertising
Obj Using Canva, create a school spirit poster using the principles of design
Task Design a spirit poster
Obj Assess principles of design as they aply in advertising
Task Test on principles of design and evaluate spirit posters
Week 4  
Obj No School
Obj Introduce Photoshop
Task Learn to make a file and reinforce file management strategies
Obj Discuss file types and adjusting files for inclusion in projects
Task Practice downloading and importing graphics into Photoshop.
Obj Plan design for a spirit button and demonstrate color and type in Photoshop
Task Set up spirit button document, download graphics and prepare files for project including color management
Obj Design a spirit button
Task Submit a draft of the spirit button project
Week 5  
Obj Introduce color theory
Task Prepare a color wheel and identify key terms
Obj Identify color schemes in advertising
Task Collect examples of analogous, complementary and triadic color combinations, warm/cool colors
Obj Examine impact of color in marketing
Task Apply color psychology to advertising and review key terms
Obj Demonstrate color mixing
Task Create a scribble character that represents a color and its psychology
Obj Color Theory and Psychology Test
Task Present spirit button designs
Week 6  
Obj Demonstrate additional features of text tool
Task Download and install a font and create a file with adjustments from the character panel
Obj Introduce Photoshop selection tools
Task Create a new document and use selection tools to remove objects from another image
Obj Plan a design for a motivational quote poster
Task Identify a quote and select fonts and image file for project
Obj Create a motivational quote poster using Photoshop
Task Demonstrate color matching and special effects features for typography in a design
Obj Create a motivational quote poster with typography and color matching
Task Submit poster and reflect on Photoshop skills
Week 7  
Obj Introduce elements of typography
Task Discuss key terms and trends in typography
Obj Relate readability and personality to typography
Task Collect examples of types of typography (Serif, Sans Serif, Decorative, Script) in advertisements
Obj Dicuss strategies for combining fonts
Task Practice making font combinations and introduce typography choice assignments
Obj Learn about hierarchy in design and apply to advertising. Introduce Get Involved project
Task Examine parts of an advertisement for hierarchy and use of typography and graphics. Conduct research into benefits of extracurricular activities
Obj Test on typography basics and hierarchy
Task Develop a slogan for Get Involved campaign and select fonts
Week 8  
Obj Draft a design for the Get Involved advertising project
Task Submit sketch with hierarchy identified for the Get Involved advertisement. Select graphics for project
Obj Demonstrate Photoshop brushes and layering techniques
Task Discuss project rubric and apply Photoshop skills to poster design
Obj Create Get Involved poster
Task Use Photoshop and design principles to create a promotional poster
Obj Create Get Involved poster
Task Use Photoshop and design principles to create a promotional poster
Obj Create Get Involved poster
Task Submit a draft of a promotional poster
Week 9  
Obj Partiicpate in peer critique and evaluate comments
Task Make corrections to promo poster and reflect on the results
Obj Focus on competencies to create Photoshop documents
Task Understand layers and special effects
Obj Focus on competencies to create Photoshop documents
Task Use selection tools
Obj Focus on competencies to create Photoshop documents
Task Use tools to add special effects
Obj Have a Photoshop competency test
Task Evaluate proficiency with Photoshop basics