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Capital Punishment Essay

Capital Punishment Essay

Capital punishment is still a much debated issue in America today. Called by one author a "weighty moral issue" that is "expressive of some of our society's deeply held values," it has, nevertheless, come under fire recently as a practice because of wrongful convictions that have been reversed by DNA evidence. A majority of Americans support the idea of capital punishment. At the same time, a substantial number in a recent poll stated that they did not believe they could serve on a death penalty jury.

What is your view on capital punishment? In an articulate argumentative essay, state your position and support your position, while conceding and refuting opposing views. You must refer in your essay to at least three sources, including the articles by H. L. Mencken and Coretta Scott King. The essay will be your argument, your views, your opinions. But you must refer to the other author's views, even though some may be different from yours.

This essay will be half of your semester exam grade. Even if you choose to exempt the exam, you will still write the essay. It will, then, be a test grade. We will be in the library the week after Christmas break. The essay will be due at the end of class on Friday. You must supply me with the articles that you use for support, in addition to the two that I have given you. You may work on this as much as you like between now and the week we get back, but you will work on the essay all that week in the library.

Good luck, and have fun!

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