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Opposing Viewpoints Paper

Researched Position Paper

Researched Position Paper

 • You will be researching and writing an argumentative position paper over a controversial issue.

• You will also turn in your sources in a synthesis essay format.

• You must use a minimum of five sources. Three of these must be books or scholarly databases.

• You will research and present both sides of the issue and then conclude by articulating your position. This paper should be three to five double-spaced word-processed pages.

• You will need to have a minimum of five source cards, twenty note cards, a title page, an outline, a works cited page, and the paper itself.

• The paper must be parenthetically documented in appropriate MLA format.

• You will receive grades for the source cards, the note cards, the outline, one page of rough draft with documentation, and the final product.

• To browse a list of issues, click here. If, however, you would choose a topic not on this list, you need only to clear it with me.


Library Catalog - Be sure to write down the call number and title to find the book. Search by Author, Title, Subject, or Keyword. Keyword search will give you the most hits. 


  • The Opposing Viewpoints Database should be very helpful.
  • User names and passwords for the database is phswildcats .

Documentation information

MLA Documentation information:
Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)