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Senior Poetry Project

Senior Poetry Project

Select a British poet from the list and complete the research and composition requirements for your presentation. Presentations will begin on April 21, and will last until we are done. The presentations will be in historical time order; however, all students must have proof of completed written requirements on the first day. I am so excited to learn from all of you. You know how much I love poetry! Happy hunting and reading...

1. Biographical information about your author ... make him or her come alive for us.
2. Critical overview of your author's work. (In other words, what have the critics said?)
3. Question sheet on poems by your author in our literature book. You will lead us through a discussion of those poems. (Students will have been assigned to read the poems prior to coming to class.)
4. In-depth written analysis of one of those poems in #3
5. Powerpoint presentation of an "illuminated poem" done in the style of the website

Research Resources:


PHS Library - Be sure to write down the call number and title to find the book. Search by Author, Title, Subject, or Keyword. Keyword search will give you the most hits. 


Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Documenting: Copy citation information at the bottom of the article. Insert Paris High School - Paris, TX before date of access.

Student Research Center
Literary Reference Center
Documenting Sources: Click Print and select MLA Documentation and/or see Mrs. Henry's cheat sheet

PowerSearch searches Student Resource Center-Gold and two other databases
     Click Change Databases to search Literature Resource Center
Documenting Sources:
PowerSearch - See Mrs. Henry's cheat sheet
Literature - See Mrs. Henry's cheat sheet

MLA Documentation information:
Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)


netTrekker - new search engine for research

Research Links - Biographical and criticism links for authors

Illuminated Poem files (not accessible at home) on the S: drive (Shared drive)

Power Point 2010 Animation Tips

More Tips