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Walt Whitman



·        Read “Song of Myself” sections in Literature Book – pp. 435-440.  Answer questions 1-8 on p. 441.

​​    Read Specimen Days selection on p. 430.  In a couple of paragraphs answer the questions:  how does Whitman bring the Civil War home to his readers?  How does this compare with reading an account of the Civil War in a history Textbook?


·        Go to website:


1.      There are some parts included here that are not in your book.  Pick one section from the poem and write a dialectical journal on it.

2.      There is a link to Walt Whitman under “About the Author.”  Click on “more” and take notes on Whitman.

3.      Click on one related poem in the sidebar.  Copy its text.  Write a 2 paragraph response to the poem.

4.  Click on the Leaves of Grass link.  Write a short response to this summary of Whitman’s life work.

5.       In the search box, type in “On Whitman:  Mortality.”  A critical article will come up by C. K. Williams. Write a page on Whitman’s view of death.



Now write and illustrate your own “Song of Myself.”  Use the format on the enclosed page.