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Emily Steele

Welcome to Education and Training – A place where leaders and teachers are being prepared for a future making a difference in the world! 

I am excited for my 6th year working with Paris High School in the Education and Training program.  The Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) chapter has grown and seen great success, even having our first ever State Officer.  This student-led organization is an excellent way for students to utilize the skills they are learning in class and offers opportunities for leadership and college and career opportunities.  Ask any member or myself how you can join and start making an impact today! 

Parents- I appreciate the opportunity you are affording me to work with your children.  Your support of this program and of your children is foundational to their success.  I would like to keep in contact with you throughout.  Please see my contact info to the left side of the page if you should ever have comments or concerns. 

And to my wonderful students – YOU are the reason I am here, and I am honored to be your teacher.  We have a unique opportunity to work with each other for all 4 of your years here.  Are you ready to to have a great time getting “Groovy in Teaching”?  I am, so let’s get going, World Changers! 

                                                              See you in class,

                                                                         Miss Steele

Emily Steele

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