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Leigh Napier

Hello!  Welcome to my teacher page!  I am Leigh Napier and I am looking forward to teaching chemistry and physics at PHS this year.  I graduated from Detroit High School in the big metropolis of Detroit, Texas.  I earned a bachelor of science degree in Bioenvironmental Science from Texas A&M University, College Station in 1996. WHOOP!!  I have been teaching for 13 years and have taught from preschool age up to high school!

I have been married to Shawn for 22 years and we have 3 children.  All of our children have been or are growing through the Paris School District.  We are wildcats through and through!  

I look forward to getting to know you throughout the school year.  Feel free to contact me at or you can leave a message for me at the high school.  My conference is 5th period, between 1:05-1:55.  

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Leigh Napier

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