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High School Esports Information

High School Esports Information


  • Students must follow UIL grade check requirements and all PISD rules and regulations.

  • Students are required to communicate with Mrs. Andoe using school email.

  • Students are responsible for following all HESL Rules and Regulations for each game.

  • All games will be played from home this year if you do not have the game and devices it is played on with an internet connection available at home you will not be allowed to participate this fall.  

  • For the Fall Majors, matches must be played at the scheduled time.  

  • Matches will not be rescheduled. If you do not play you will forfeit the game. 

  • Make sure you will be able to meet your commitment before you sign up. If you sign up and forfeit more than 1 match, you will be removed from the team and not allowed to participate next year.

  • Students will queue up to receive their opponents in one of the multiple queue windows each week. All games will be played once a week. Scores must be reported by 11:59 PM on game day.

  • Students must contact their opponent for each match and post results.

  • Please note, due to the nature of our Minecraft tournaments, Minecraft players will not be utilizing the queue system.

  • Some games may not be available for your gaming platform.

  • Students participating in a team game must form their own team, and must email the team members, and team name.

  • Gaming Tags must be school-appropriate and must not be offensive to others.

  • Once you create your account with the High School Esports League, you must add your games,I can not add you to a roster if you have not linked your game.

  • Students must fill out the google form with a link attached below to participate.

  • If students fail to complete the registration process they will not be included in the fall tournament.

See link for all rules and regulations:

PHS Esports Handbook.pdf