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About Tony Sanders


This is my 23rd year as a teacher and coach at Paris High School.  I grew up in Paris, always been a Wildcat fan, and graduated from PHS in 1986.  I began my college career at PJC on a baseball scholarship then trasferred to Stephen F. Austin.  I finished my education degree at Texas A&M Commerce and was hired immediately by PISD in 1992.

I teach 9th grade English and can't imagine teaching anything else.  I really enjoy English; the challenge and responsibility of helping kids "grow up."  I try to do that through the literature we read and discuss in my classes.  I am also baseball and football coach.  Baseball has always been my passion.  I have coached it since the day I couldn't play anymore and have coached kids ages 5-19. A lot that I have learned as a player and a coach through baseball can be directly related to everyday life, so I use this game to teach players and students about the "real world" also.

I alsohave a passion for leading worship.  It is a great joy that the Lord uses me and music to help others seek and find Him. I lead worship for 17 years and am currently leading at Calvary Chapel Paris.  

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Jeni, for 26 years and we have have four wonderful children; Blake (27), Drew (25), Annelise (21), and Tyler (19).  I also have 5 wonderful and fun grandchildren.


Below is an outline of how my Enlish class operates:


Class Expectations

Coach Sanders ~ English III ~ room 2415



You will be expected to have the following in class EVERY day;


  • GOOD ATTITUDE.  A good attitude is a MUST this year in order for you to pass this class.  This is the second to the last English class you have to pass in order to graduate.

  • YOUR OWN PENCIL  PENCILS ARE PREFERRED  on all assignments but pens will be ok – black or blue only.  




You WILL LEARN to be RESPONSIBLE for YOUR OWN actions, learning, grades, assignments, study habits, etc…the most important thing you will learn in this class is not literature and writing, but the skills needed to function, thrive, and survive in the real world.  We will use literature and writing to learn how to think for ourselves, be on time, complete tasks, do the “extra” stuff, work with other people, etc...that is needed to get and keep jobs and provide for families.


  • You will learn how to write several Expository Essays, Persuasive Essays and Open Ended Responses (short answers) that will challenge your thinking skills.

  • You will read various types of American Literature and "dig deep" for understanding and personal application.

  • You will learn many different Literary Elements (ie…symbolism, irony, conflict, etc…)

  • You will learn how to write and apply literary elements to Expository Essays, Persuasive Essays and Open Ended Responses (short answers) that will challenge your thinking skills and make your ideas more vivid, interesting, and entertaining.

  • You will learn strategies to enhance learning that will increase your skills for the ACT and SAT test, and prepare you for college.

  • You will learn to write a college level research paper.




  • "Don't ask to go - the answer is NO."  Take care of your "personal" business before the first bell rings.  You WILL NOT be allowed to leave the room for any reason except an emergency (which will be determined by the teacher).

  • If you are not IN YOUR SEAT when the bell rings, YOU ARE TARDY.

  • No backpacks or purses allowed on top of desks.

  • PHONES are not allowed to be in sight unless specific instruction to use them has been granted.  If a phone is in sight without teacher’s permission, it will be confiscated and kept until the end of the day.  This is your ONLY WARNING.

  • NEVER have your phone out when you have a substitute.

  • NO. You may not charge your phone in my classroom

  • Do not leave class when the bell rings at the end of class (or for lunch during 4th period).  Coach Sanders will dismiss the class when he agrees that all trash is picked up and all textbooks, dictionaries, etc…are in their proper place.

  • NO LOITERING inside or outside of this classroom at any time.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD, gum, candy, chips, sunflower seeds, drinks, etc…in the classroom.  Bottles of water are the only consumable item acceptable in the classroom.

  • Treat everyone with respect.

  • If you are disrupting class and/or not working to complete your assignment, you will be removed from class.

  • No conversations with other students unless you have been given permission.




  • Daily grades are 25% of your nine-week average.

  • Test grades are 75% of your nine-week average.

  • Semester average is 40/40/20.

  • 99% of all work will receive a grade or extra points towards a grade.

  • 90% of work will be done in class. You will rarely have homework as long as you’re working hard in class.

  • MANY assignments will be graded solely on completion and effort.

  • All tests will be taken in class.

  • Low grade assignments can be re-attempted for a grade no higher than 70 at the teachers discretion during morning tutorials.

  • If you miss an assignment or test due to an absence from class, *it is your responsibility to make it up during two class days of the assignments date.  Failure to do this will result mandatory tutorials before school one morning on the date assigned by the teacher to make up the assignment. Failure to attend this date could result in a zero for the assignment without possibility to make it up.

  • If you receive ISS ( In School Suspension) and miss my class, *it is your responsibility to get your assignments from Coach Sanders the morning(s) you have to attend ISS.  Since you are at school when in ISS, you are accountable for assignments for those days.  Failure to pick up or return due assignments could result in a zero for the assignment without possibility to make it up or turn it in late.

  • Lowest grade WILL NOT be dropped because of the many extra point opportunities that will be offer to every student throughout each six weeks.

  • Bonus points and extra credit can be earned to bring up your lowest grades - not to exceed 100.  This option is at the discretion of the teacher as to whether you have "earned the privilege” of receiving or keeping these points.

  • You will begin each grading period with a FREE 100 test grade for participation


(*) Mr. Sanders is not responsible for and WILL NOT get any of your missed assignments to you.  If YOU do not ask for and complete missed assignments on time, you will receive a ZERO for that assignment and will not be allowed extra time or work to make it up.



Academic Dishonesty - please refer to the student handbook for this description



I ____________________, understand that whenever I have a substitute in Coach Sanders class this year, I MUST OBEY THE RULES.  If I do not sit in my correct seat, if I cause ANY type of disruption, if I complain or refuse to do the assignment, if I disrespect the substitute in ANY way, or if I do not follow any one of the expectations of Mr. Sanders' class, (1) I will immediately be sent to the office and receive ISS, (2) I will receive a zero for that days grade, and (3) I will receive triple the assignment (and possibly more ISS time) when Mr. Sanders returns to class.

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